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Collection: How FIR Heaters Work

Low cost

High energy efficiency

Harnessing sun-like heat to naturally warm your home

Far infrared heating systems are designed to use sun-like heat to create energy that is stored in the walls, ceilings, and floors of the home. This pent-up energy is then slowly released from the objects into the room, heating the environment without any heat loss due to ventilation or open doors and windows. Unlike traditional heating systems, infrared heating products provide a completely safe, clean and environmentally friendly way of heating that is also up to 50% more energy efficient. All FAR infrared heating systems are also designed to monitor the heat levels in a room in order to turn the system on and off, using as little energy as possible to comfortably heat your home.

FIR heating units are an energy efficient and economical way of heating

Unlike other heating systems, far infrared heaters offer a long list of health and energy saving benefits to homeowners.


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