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Collection: All About Infrared Light

Low cost

High energy efficiency

Infrared Radiant heat transfer heat from one object to another

Infrared radiant heat is a type of electromagnetic (EM) radiation that falls on the EM spectrum between microwaves and visible light. While infrared spectrum is the most commonly encountered part of the EM spectrum, most of it goes unnoticed because it is not visible to the naked eye. Infrared Carbon radiant heat is one of the three ways in which heat is transferred from one object to another and is the most economical form of heating when compared to convection and conduction heating. Infrared heat also creates heat at a wavelength between 9-14 microns, making it extremely easy for the human body to absorb and a much more heathier form of heating.

Using safe and natural heat to create a comfortable living temperature

Since half of the sun's total energy is UV infrared heat, infrared heating systems are a completely safe and natural way to heat any space.


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