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400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black

400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black
400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black
400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black
400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black
Free Standing

400 Watt Curved Infrared Panel Heater - Red/Black

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Product Overview


Yandiya’s Infrared Curved Heating Panel is a stand-alone curved heater that supplies instant heat in areas where traditional warming methods are being used.

The curved panel is designed to provide supplement heat where traditional heating is still being used. It is inexpensive to operate using the automatic ON/Off switch while plugged into the main electricity flow.

Coverage Area

Maximum Heating Coverage In Square Metre 6.67 Sq m

Please consider the area which you need to heat before placing an order. You may need to purchase multiple units for larger rooms

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 500x550x174mm
Power 400 Watt
Voltage: 220V- 240V
Maximum Heating Coverage In Square Metre: 6.67 Sq m
Overheat Protection: 120/130°C
Energy Transfer: 98%

Material Specifications

Surface Design Framed Polished Aluminium with RED/BLACK/BLUE front and Heat Resistant Aluminium
Heating Element Carbon Crystal Nanotech Ink
Material Conductive Electrical Carbon Modular Nanotech Ink/Epoxy Resin
Construction Framed aluminium curved with PET heating element and Post Red Colored Aluminium back
Fixings Free Standing with On/Off Switch
Connection AUS/NZ Plug with 2-meter cable
Surface Temperature <85°C +/-5%
Service Life 20 years
Warranty 5 years
Country of Manufacture Made in China

Yandiya Infrared Panel must be used in conjunction with thermostat controls units. Recommended installed by approved installer.

Installation Instructions

This is plug and play unit

Product Q & A


Ask a Question
  • Where can I use this curved heater?

    Basically everywhere! This is the main benefit of this model – it doesn’t need to be mounted on a wall and can be moved from one room to another. It is not heavy so it is perfect to just move it to the living room when you have guests and take it back to your bedroom when you want to go to sleep.

  • Is this free standing Infrared Heater safe to be left unsupervised? For example, can I leave it ON in the same room with my children while I do my house work in the other rooms?

    our Infrared heaters are completely safe and need no supervision or maintenance. This is the reason why they can be operated smartly from a distance via your Smartphone. Not only that but they produce no CO2 emissions, they work against mold and help people with breathing conditions. Heating your nursery or play room with an Infrared heater is basically the best option out there! 

  • Is it safe to put this product on top of a carpet and use it for a couple of hours? I am not sure can it overheat and burn something bellow it?

    Do not worry Maggie! The Infrared heating used method in our appliances will not burn anything close to the heater! You can place it wherever you prefer. :-)

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All our products fully comply with Australian Standards.

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