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Wall Mounted

500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)

500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)
500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)
500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)
500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)
500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)
Wall Mounted

500 Watt FAR Infrared Round Mirror Heater (Bathroom)

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Product Overview


Yandiya’s Bathroom Infrared Titan Mirror Heater uses advanced technology in glass manufacturing, creating a two-way glass mirror giving more heat output and sustainable infrared heat waves.

Our stylish frameless Mirrored Infrared Heaters are perfect for any room, thanks to their unique anti-misting properties and IP65 rating and polished edges to stop any rusting of the mirror.

This circular model has a diameter of 900mm and will look equally amazing either in a bathroom or any room in the house.

Yandiya Infrared Bathroom Heaters (Mirror Panels) are designed to replace traditional heating in bathrooms, as well as a stylish way to incorporate heated mirror panel into any room.

These Infrared panels operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating systems, giving better thermal comfort levels.

Coverage Area

Maximum Heating Coverage: 8.33 Sqm

Please consider the area which you need to heat before placing an order. You may need to purchase multiple units for larger rooms.


5 Years Warranty

Technical Specifications

Surface Material: Tempered Glass
Dimensions: 900x32mm
Power 500 Watt
Voltage: 220V- 240V
Maximum Heating Coverage: 8.33 Sqm
Overheat Protection: 120/130°C
Energy Transfer: 98%
Colour: Silver
Power Rating: 450 Watt
Cable: 2 Metre
Installation: Wall
Warranty: *5 Years
IP Rating: IP65

Material Specifications

Surface Design Frameless Titan Glass Mirror with polished edge and Heat Resistant Aluminium
Heating Element Carbon Crystal Nanotech Ink
Material Conductive Electrical Carbon Modular Nanotech Ink/Epoxy Resin
Construction Tempered & Toughened Two-way Glass Mirror with Post Red Colored Aluminium back
Fixings Wall Mounted
Connection AUS/NZ Plug with 2-meter cable
Surface Temperature <85°C +/-5%
Service Life 20 years
Warranty 5 years
Country of Manufacture Made in China

Yandiya Infrared Panel must be used in conjunction with thermostat control units. It is recommended to be installed by an approved technician.

Installation Instructions

Product Q & A


Ask a Question
  • Is installing equipment such as this a one-man job? Can I do it by myself?

    For your convenience we have created the product in a way that is easily to be installed. You can set up your brand new mirror heater all by yourself. There are detailed instructions on the installation steps so it can be much easier. By following the instructions closely, installation should take no more than 30 minutes.

  • Why should I pay more for this mirror heater when I can just buy an infrared heat lamp?

    It is obvious that you’ve never tried to compare them, as they are totally different. Heat lamps are using Near Infrared while our Single Round Mirror is a FAR infrared heater. Not only is our product more powerful but it can achieve a constant warm temperature in your bathroom. With a heat lamp, you will get only a temporary warm sensation while you are in front of the lamp and while it is on. We provide a fully-fledged heating solution for your bathroom.

  • Does the design reveal that this is not an ordinary mirror?

    Our technicians have made sure to hide away any clues that suggest that this isn’t just an ordinary mirror. This means that it can be used to the fullest extent, while the pleasant warm air brings your body temperature to the state you desire.

  • What is the material used in this mirror heater?

    Our Single Round Mirror Heater is composed of a tempered and toughened two-way glass mirror. It is made from titan and has polished edges. The back is made out of heat resistant aluminum that is then colored in red.   

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