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Wall Mounted

1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated

1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated
Wall Mounted

1800 Watt Blade Infrared Patio Heater with Remote | IP65 Rated

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Product Overview


Yandiya’s Near Infrared Blade Outdoor Patio Heater, with aluminium body and stainless-steel Grill, uses advanced technology in thermal glass manufacturing and creating a low glow to give ambient lighting to outdoor areas while providing more heat output and sustainable infrared heat waves.

The Blade infrared Carbon heater is ideal for outdoor patio areas.

It has an aesthetically pleasing design with the added control feature of a three setting on the remote-control version. It is designed and manufactured to be elegantly understated to create comfort while blending in with the environment and giving a soft glow light of 300Lumen.

Yandiya’s Outdoor Patio Infrared heaters are designed to replace traditional LPG heating for patios and BBQ areas as well as dealing with weather and being IP65. Latest carbon infrared technology, with mid-wave radiation content, Immediate heat with no warm-up time.

Key Features

  • -Weather-independent: no heat loss through air movement
  • -Aluminium wall-mounted bracket included, the adjustable angle is 45°
  • -Economical to operate, affordable with low running costs, high heating efficiency
  • -Zero maintenance; Silent operation, no UV, Environment-friendly

Coverage Area

Maximum Heating Coverage In Square Metre: 26.90 Sq m

Please consider the area which you need to heat before placing an order. You may need to purchase multiple units for larger rooms.


2 Years Warranty

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 660x84x133mm
Power 1800 Watt
Voltage: 220V- 240V
Maximum Heating Coverage: 26.9 Sqm
Overheat Protection: 610°C
Energy Transfer: 98%
Power Rating: 1756 Watt
Surface Material: Aluminium/Stainless
Colour Silver
Surface Temperature: 340°C
Cable: 2 Metre
Installation: Outdoor/Large Indoor
Warranty: 2 Years
IP Rating: IP65

Material Specifications

Surface Design Framed Polished Aluminium with stainless steel grill and water proof plug
Heating Element Carbon Mid Wave Infrared Element
IP Rating IP65
Surface Temperature: <240°C +/-5%
Construction Polished aluminium with stainless steel front grill and wall hanging bracket
Fixings Wall Mounted with Remote control
Connection AUS/NZ Plug with 2-meter cable
Heat Loss No heat loss thru air movement
Angle mounted 45 degree mounting at minimum 2.4meter height
Warranty *2 years
Country of Manufacture Made in China

Recommended Height above 2.4 meter to maximum of 3.1 meters for optimum performance.

Product Q & A


Ask a Question
  • Does this bar heater come with a tripod or another mechanism for proper positioning?

    We provide a fixed stand for proper positioning and aiming of heat waves. However, please keep in mind that this model’s price is discounted due to power plug lack. 

  • Where is it manufactured? Csn i put in the garage which is 40 sq metres

    Hello Suzy, The product is manufactured in China. However, all out products comply with Australian Standards. In regards to maximum coverage, its would be 25Sqm.  

  • Ok…I like the big discount but how can I be sure that the heater is running since there is no power plug out of the box?

    We expect no technical failures with our products. However, even is such occurs we provide 2 years of warranty and we will take care of any problems that came initially with the product. All our products are made according to all necessary Australian standards so we have our clients in mind all the time. 

  • I have a medium-scale restaurant in Melbourne and I consider buying an Infrared heater for any cold days that may occur. I see that this heater is very powerful and I am intrigued by its low price. So my questions are: - Is this blade heater suitable for my case? - Will it be enough/for what space I should use it?

    Hello owner! You are asking the right questions. This is the best option that we can offer for your case. You can easily place two or three units in the corners so they point to the center. That way the heat will be felt every customers in the way of the infrared rays. As for your second question, we have to know what the square footage of your restaurant is. Be aware that the maximum heating coverage of this unit is 26.90 Sq m so you need to do the calculations and see how many units are needed.

  • Thanks very much for the swift response. Yeah, I'm keen on getting one and trying out. My biggest concern is the light emitting from them, as I know some are overwhelmingly bright. Do you just have the 1800w version? Unfortunately I couldn't find them on amazon. Is there a direct email I could organise a sale? Cheers


    Currently, we only have 1800W variant for Sale in Australia. It is bright but not bad. That is why we recommend using them outdoor.

    Blade Heaters are only available on our website for sale.

    However, all other products are available on Aamazon Australia.
    Here is a direct link:

  • Hey, I'm interested in your Blade heater. We run about 4 radiant heaters, non halogen for our bar. But these seem to break down. How bright are they? And do you have a warranty? Cheers

    Hello James,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We offer 2 years Warranty. These heaters glow red and would give about same light as a 3watt bulb, 2800 lumen.

    We currently have a limited number (15) of the Blade Heaters available - discounted because they are missing the power plug. The Blade Heaters are available only on our website.

    However, you can also check out our other products on All discounted as today is our last day of promotion on Amazon. 
    Plus Free Delivery. 

    Thank You.

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