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Yandiya Australia Products Now Available on Catch Marketplace

Yandiya Australia Products Now Available on Catch Marketplace

Easily Check Out the Newest Infrared Heaters on the Market

We are blessed to live in the best time for international business. The global market nowadays offers everything that we need.  You can easily find any service or product online if you just know where to search.

As different regions have different product every world region has its huge e-commerce portal which is the number one place to go when you have to order something. When we talk about Australian online shopping the biggest place which everybody checks is the Catch Marketplace.

1. The One Australian Shopping Portal We Turn To

Catch Marketplace is the biggest Australian ecommerce website. While it was launched in 2006 with just five employees, Catch has grown enormously in the last ten+ years and has more than 5 million customers at the moment. Over 8 000 orders are processed every day with an item is sold every 2.9 seconds. According to their CEO, they are making more than $2 million in sales per week which is a true testament of their influence on the market. 

Catch Marketplace offers a huge variety of consumer products (over 1 000 000 as stated in their search box). All those 450 000 visits every day are not a coincidence as their product range if amazing.

We are happy to announce that Catch Marketplace adds Yandiya Australia’s FAR infrared heaters in addition to their other high quality products.

2. About FAR Infrared Heating

FAR Infrared Heating (FIR) is a modern heating method that has grown in popularity in the last years.  The unique feature of FIR is that their infrared rays warm matter and not the surrounding air. This means that the produced heat is more natural with significantly less electricity needed.

Infrared heaters produce a completely natural and safe form of heat that resembles the sensation of sun rays on your skin. It generates no CO2 or other bad emissions and produces a 100% natural energy conversion.

Infrared heating is also popular because of its low energy consumption and fast startup time. With infrared heating you don’t have to wait until the air in a room is warmed up – you feel the effect immediately

3. Yandiya Australia Heating System

Yandiya Australia is one of the leading FAR infrared heater retailers and their great offers are now available through the Yandiya page at Catch Marketplace as well.

Some of the popular Yandiya products are the 360, 500 and 800 Watt Panel heaters which are perfect for zone heating of your home independence of the room size, their luxurious Bathroom Heaters and their 1800 Watt Blade Heater that is perfect for your patio area.

All Yandiya products are made from 100% recyclable materials, they require no maintenance or servicing, are developed to comply with all necessary Australian standards and can save up to 65% on your heating bill.

At the moment Yandiya’s infrared heaters have a huge discount on their prices and you can switch to Infrared heating at a lower cost. Go to their Catch Marketplace space and browse through their great offerings before it’s too late!

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