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Use These 5 Energy Saving Tips when Winter Cold Starts to Bite

Use These 5 Energy Saving Tips when Winter Cold Starts to Bite

Save Energy and Reduce Your Bills With Our Energy Saving Tips

As the winter slowly approaches every house owner needs to think about their preparation for the upcoming cold chills. In some areas, not so much preparations are needed because the temperatures do not drop substantially, but in others, the conditions become very harsh and sometimes the electricity supply cannot handle the large demand. This is why additional actions need to be taken towards resolving this problem.

In order reach constant power supply for every household we’ve gathered some energy saving tips that should be used when the winter cold starts to bite. They are especially important at peak consumption times. Let’s be good and help each other! Let us spare our electrical consumption so that nobody is left cold at some moment. Go through our tips and we will achieve this quite easily!

Replace the Old Energy-Consuming Lights

Energy Star-qualified CFL and LED light bulbs are very popular all over the globe. You won’t have any trouble in finding a replacement for your old bulbs, so you just need to have the proper intentions. It is proven that LED light bulbs use 20% less energy in comparison to the traditional light bulbs.

It is a well known fact that ordinary light bulbs use the electricity provided for heat rather than light – so if you’re not using your light appliances to heat your home you should switch to the modern way of lighting.  

Use Electricity Smarter

This has been the main pillar of eco activists. Turn your appliances when you are not using them! This means turning the light and heating off when you are not in the room. Unplugging all computers, TVs and other modern technologies when you are not in the house for a bigger period is also very important and will save a lot of energy. 

Insulate Ceilings and Seal Air Leaks

When it comes to the energy needed for heating insulating the ceiling and walls is as much important as the power of your heating appliance. If you are heating the air in your house sealing any air leaks is a must.

You should check your windows for any cracks that might lead to heat loss. After all, if you’re paying to be warm you should at least use that energy as intended.

Introduce Infrared Heating into Your Home

As heating is probably the biggest energy consumer during the winter period you should think for an energy-saving method of heating. At the moment the most eco-friendly heating method is using an Infrared panel.

Infrared heating does not warm the air in the room, but rather concrete objects that are inside. This means that no warmth is lost and all the energy that is consumed by the appliance is transformed into direct heat. In addition, Infrared panels do not waste any time in heating the air and you may feel their effect immediately after they’re turned on.

When applying zone heating, an Infrared heater might reduce your electric bill by 65%. They need no maintenance, servicing and are easy to install.

Use a Smart Thermostat

If we continue with the energy-heat connection we should advocate using a smart thermostat. That way you can set a timer, for when should the heater start or stop working.

In the modern times, we live in, smart thermostats can be controlled via applications in our smartphones and even if we forget to set the timer – we can always alter the settings on our way.

As winter approaches we need to think about our energy consumption as any power fail will bring a really cold night to you and your neighbors. We should act as one in our struggle to reduce our energy consumption and for this reason, we’re sharing 5 energy saving tips to use when winter hits.

In addition to helping our community, we all want to reduce our electricity bill during the winter season and these steps will help you in just that!

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