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Smart Heating Solutions for Australian Winters

Smart Heating Solutions

A Couple of Enchantments that will Reduce Your Heating Bill 

The winter season is still far away and we don’t want to think about it. It is not our favorite season and most probably you share our opinion. Winter may bring severe temperature drops but may also be tough on our wallet size. So, why not start to prepare early and reduce its bad impact to the minimum?

The energy used to keep the house warm is probably the biggest setback for bigger Christmas presents. Don’t waste a ton of money for heating when you can use smart heating solutions. Check our carefully gathered advice and save money! We live in a modern era – use it’s treasures.

1. Seal Your Home – In All Directions

First of all – Insulate your walls and ceiling with the proper materials. This is probably the most important step in your smart heating transformation. The cheapest insulation materials will do no good, so don’t be a cheapskate if you want to get things done properly. If your ceiling is not insulated, even if you use your heater at the maximum, you won’t feel any serious result as all the heat will escape through the ceiling.

Cover your Windows with curtains when there is no sunlight and especially during the night and remove the curtains in the rare cases when direct sunlight emerges. Be sure to fill any cracks or small holes in your windows and frames – as small as they can be, they are costing you a lot of money.

Bare floors may be the weak spot where hot air is escaping. So in order to prevent warmth to escape through your feet, put carpets or rugs on all bare floors.

2. Use a Thermostat your Ceiling Fan

If you are using a heating method that warms the air in a room and have a ceiling fan you have to combine them! If your house has high ceilings all the air you’ve just made hotter will go toward the ceiling. In order to return the hot air to where it is needed, turn your fan in the opposite (reverse) direction and it will push the hot air down. 

Using a thermostat with a timer will save you a lot of money. You don’t have to be awake and in the house all the time to control the heating. Just set it to turn on or off an hour after you’re gone or coming back and the temperature will be still nice enough, but at a lesser price.

If you have the option to buy a smart connected thermostat – do it. That way you don’t even have to set any timer. You can control the temperature in your home whenever – wherever, just from an application in your phone. IoT is just around the corner, and this is probably the simplest application of it.

3. Keep an Eye on the Energy Star Rating

These energy star ratings that you see on every electrical appliance nowadays are there for a reason. This rating is not just a marketing trick and our experience shows that it is worth to buy a more expensive energy-efficient machine because it will pay off in the long run by lower energy consumption. In fact, each extra star could reduce your heating bill with approximately 15 %.

4. Think about Zone Heating

Why heat your whole house if your family is spending their time in the living or dining room. There is no point of keeping a room warm for just those fifteen minutes you are going to spend in it. Our advice is to think about zone heating and turn on the heaters only in the rooms that are being used today. This definitely means closing the doors as well.  

5. A Modern Way of Heating

If zone heating seems like a good idea but you don’t have a plan which room you are going to use for an entire day, then we have an option for you as well. Infrared heating is probably the trendiest heating method out there. It does not heat the air in the room but rather the objects around the panel. This fact eliminates the need to wait for the air in the room to get warm, meaning that once you decide to be in a room – you just turn on the Infrared panel and feel the warm infrared touch on your skin.

Infrared heating is a natural, eco-friendly method for warming that provides 100% energy conversion. It produces no CO2 emissions and is made from 100% recyclable materials. Infrared panels require no maintenance and are easy to install. If used as intended, it can be very energy-efficient and can reduce your heating bill by 65%, which according to us is a huge step forward. If you’re not familiar with Infrared panels – go check Yandiya Australia’s store as they have great discounts at the moment!

We all want to save some money and reducing our energy/ heating bill is probably the easiest way to do so. There are just so many options that require no retrenchment – you just need to act smart!

If you lack ideas, follow our list of smart heating solutions and you will definitely see a positive result in your energy consumption and heating bill. Being in the business taught us what works and we wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!

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