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Make The Right Heating Decisions For Winter 2019 Season With Our Help

Infrared Aluminium Heaters


We live in tough financial times where saving some money is always welcome. We need to focus our capital on the very important purchases and goals and leave behind products that we don’t need that much. After we leave out things that we don’t need at this specific moment of the budget the next ‘savings’ step is looking into our everyday expenses.

Today’s thinking is directed very much on bargains. It’s like we have a light bulb on top of our head that flashes when a good offer comes by. We search for bargains mostly in our everyday expenses and monthly bills. We bet that everybody would like to decrease his electric, water or heating bill.

In this blog post we are going to tackle the last topic – we’ll discuss what are the possible ways to alleviate our heating energy consumption during the winter season. At the end of the day eating cheap food is not such a good idea – we have to save money but stay healthy after all and using modern methods and appliances is the way to go. 

5+ ways to reduce energy consumption

5+ Ways To Reduce Energy Consumption

1. Turn of Appliances When Not in Use

If you are one of those people who have their whole house lit during the evening, even if they are in a single room you definitely have space for improvement. Turn off the computer, TV or radio after you’re finished with them.

Unplug any appliances that are used really rarely as they consume a small amount of electricity by just being plugged in. If you use the old coffee machine or kitchen robot only twice a year they don’t need to be in standby mode all the year. If you’re going on vacation you should definitely unplug all appliances – they also need this vacation just as much as you do.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Technology is evolving constantly and modern machines like ovens, freezers, fridges, dishwashers etc. can be really energy efficient. Check their Energy Star label and see how energy-efficient they are.

An energy star labeled appliance can be 75% more energy efficient than the ones that are not labeled. 75% less will definitely reduce your electric bill as well so probably you’ll be on the lookout only for energy star labeled appliances next time when you need to upgrade your kitchen gadgets.

3. Switch to LED Light Bulbs

A lot of people already switched to LED light bulbs as they are popular for many years now. If you are one of the few that is still not using them, this will be the best change that you will make this year!

LED light bulbs are not expensive and use around 70% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Nowadays they can be found almost everywhere and are available in various light levels and shapes.

4. Insulate Your Home

Insulation is the number one thing when it comes to heating. Even if you buy the most expensive furnace, if you have cracks between the glass and frame of the window you will not see the awaited result. Good insulation works for both heating and cooling down a room.

Check if you have proper insulation on the roof, ceiling, basement or attic otherwise you’ll have to pay more to heat and cool down your home. Draught-proof your windows and doors to avoid wasted energy use. Investing in insulation will pay off in the long run with smaller heating bills!

5. Use a Smart Thermostat

The IoT mania is growing at a very fast rate but so is the technology connected to it. Smart applications for our phones are available for various home appliances and nowadays we can control almost everything in our home with a single click or swipe.

Using a smart thermostat can actually save you a fortune. Just imagine – you’re already in the car, on your way to work and you remember that you forgot to turn off or lower the heater’s temperature. With the smart thermostat, you can set the temperature immediately of a turn of the heater.

Not to mention that smart thermostats will lower the power consumption of a heater once the needed temperature is reached and they can also provide reports and statistics on your energy usage. Having one of these has many benefits and shouldn’t be underestimated.

6. The Best Method

Last but not least we need to mention that the type of heater used in your home plays a big role on your energy bills. Buying a Portable Heater and Turning Down the general Furnace will save you a lot of money and in this line of thought using an infrared heater is the best possible solution at the moment!

The biggest 5 benefits of Infrared Heaters

The biggest 5 benefits of Infrared Heaters

7. Health Benefits

Our health is of most importance and for this reason, we are starting with the health benefits that Infrared heaters provide. Over the years it has been proven that infrared rays are helping people with asthma or other bronchial disorders. This is due to the fact that these type of heaters do not create streams of air that eventually increase dust circulation in the room – infrared heating warms up directly the objects and not the air.

Not moving air and dust around the rooms means that these types of appliances reduce the impact of allergies as well. In addition, infrared rays are absorbed by the body and increase blood circulation, which boosts our immune functionality, detoxing capabilities and reduces any joint stiffness.

8. Cheaper than Electric Convection Heaters

Infrared heaters require far less power output to provide the same level of heat as an electric heater. For example, a 1500w convection heater can produce the same warming effect as a 600w infrared panel. This will reflect directly on your monthly bill as the infrared heater is far cheaper to run. Installation is also cheaper as it doesn’t require any additional pipes for them to run.

Using Infrared Heaters for zone heating is the best economically-proven method. You just need to warm up spaces that are used at the moment and leave all the rest behind. Applying zone heating will save you 30 to 50% of your heating bill.

9. Warms up Instantly

Infrared heaters don’t need time to warm up and you won’t lose any time to heat up a place. This is again due to the fact that they don’t heat up the air but directly the objects and living beings close to them. This is connected to the benefit that no energy and heat is lost on the air itself and all created heat is 100% utilized.

Infrared rays actually warm us beneath the skin with no need to wait for the heat to build up.

10. They Work Silently and Require Very Low Maintenance

If you ever had an air conditioner or a traditional electric heater in your bedroom you know that they produce noise that harms your sleep. With Infrared heaters, this problem stays in the past. This type of heater does not contain any fan blades or other moving parts thus does not operate loudly and deliver infrared heat silently.

As infrared heaters have no moving parts, fewer things can be broken down and less maintenance or servicing is needed. You don’t need to replace any air filters or wait for a motor to wear out; you don’t have to remember to lubricate any part of it. The most you can do about it is to clean the reflectors from time to time.

11. Reduce Mould and Are Environmentally Friendly

We live in times when our planet cannot reproduce its resources as fast as we use them. The yearly debt to the planet period starts earlier and earlier and we as citizens of the world need to do something about it. Infrared heaters produce no bad emissions at all and are absolutely eco-friendly. In short, they don’t add anything to the air neither they take from it.

On the other hand, many houses have mold problems and warming the air and increasing humidity is the main ingredient of that. Infrared heaters actually dry the walls which reduce the formation of mold. Breathing that kind of air is not good for our health, especially for kids and we should definitely avoid it.

Time to Act

If you are still not sure about purchasing an Infrared Heater visit Yandiya Australia’s website and check their offers. You will find a wide variety of products that provide both the highest quality possible and are environmentally friendly. For your convenience, all major payment methods are accepted and fast delivery options are available.

Yandiya offers printed panels that are suitable for different interior designs and look fantastic as part of the room. All products comply fully with Australian Standards and come with a two year warranty. With Yandiya you’ll get an eco-friendly infrared heater that works efficiently and is cost effective! What more could you ask for??

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