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Infrared Heating VS Convection Heating

Infrared Heating VS Convection Heating

What is the best Heating Method for winter 2019?

With winter 2019 knocking on our doors, it is time to consider our heating needs more seriously. If you were not satisfied with your a heating method for the last couple of years, probably it is about time to change the mechanism. If you are tired of cutting wood every year for your fireplace or breathing in bad fumes, this article is just the thing you need!

Infrared and convection heating is the most popular heating methods globally and in this blog post, we are going to compare them so that everyone can decide which option is better for their household.

Convection Heating

Convection heaters are one of the most popular heating methods worldwide but all types have a common weakness. The bad thing about convection heating is that their heat rises up to the ceiling and then goes down through the sides before making a full circle. Because of this, very often our feet stay co­­­ld even after 30 minutes in the heated room. This is why we need a lot of time to heat up a room full with convection heating.

In order to keep a room warm your convection heater has to be on 24/7 and this results in more consumed energy and higher bills.

Infrared Heating

FAR Infrared heating is not the most popular heating method, but it is the healthiest and eco-friendly there is. Infrared rays boost our blood circulation and our immune system’s strength by reaching deeper through our skin. They also serve as dehumidifiers and help people suffering from asthma.

Infrared heating panels use significantly less power to keep a room warm in comparison to traditional heaters. Using FAR infrared panels in zones may save up to 65% of your heating bill. All infrared heaters are very easy to install, require no maintenance or servicing and are very durable in time.

Make the Right Decision

As you see, the innovative approach of FAR Infrared Heating is definitely the better option nowadays. If you share our option, check Yandiya Australia’s website as their offers have never been more alluring. Why go with traditional misconceptions when the future is bringing a better alternative? Inform yourself and make the right decision!

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