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Why to Opt for an Infrared Heater? There Are More Benefits than Just Saving Bucks.

Infrared Heaters - More Benefits than Just Saving Bucks.

What is so Special About Infrared Heating?

Just like every other type of home appliance we have a wide gamma of heating options for our home out there. One may choose between traditional fireplaces, gas fireplaces, radiators, conventional or electric heaters and infrared heaters, which are going to be the main topic of this post.

Infrared Heaters are gaining more and more popularity recently and this happens for a reason. There are no downsides to using an Infrared heater in your home and this is why more and more people worldwide start to rely on this type of heating. The main asset that is quoted all over the Internet is that infrared heaters are very economical, but is this the main perk when having this type of heating?

In this blog post we’re going to dive a bit deeper into the Infrared heating specifics and qualities. We are going to discuss why should we opt for an Infrared heater and show you that there are a lot more benefits than just saving bucks for the next family trip.

What’s Difference in Infrared Heating?

When it comes to strictly Infrared heating we know three types of warming appliances that definitely fall in this group. They are categorized in these three groups on the basis of produced temperature, which on the other hand is dependent on the peak wavelength of thermal energy the heater is producing.

Short Wave

Short Wave Infrared Heaters, also known as Near Infrared or IRA conduct between 0.75 to 1.4 microns. The beamed temperature is 1300 °C and a bright red light is emitted from the device. These heaters usually use reflectors to direct the heat into a specific direction.

Short wave appliances are used for cooking, welding or forming plastic objects as their thermal energy wavelengths are not completely absorbed by the skin. The Short Wave heaters are not harmless for the human skin and are used only for some medical conditions and under strict medical surveillance.

Medium Wave

Medium Wave Infrared Heaters, also known as Medium Infrared or IRB conduct between 1.4 to 3 microns. Their temperature range is between 500 to 800°C and the emitted red light is not so bright but rather deep.

Medium Infrared devices are used in the industry for glass-blowing, industrial drying, adding PVC to other materials, and for military purposes. Medium Wave Infrared Heaters can be separated into two groups – Quartz and Ceramic heaters.

Ceramic heaters are used for heating up huge commercial or open spaces because they work at the medium type of waves but their peak is at 3 microns (Longwave heaters). Outdoor bars and restaurants have this type of heating, which is felt very nice but if we get too close to the heater we might feel a bit burnt.

Long Wave

Long Wave Infrared Heaters, also known as Far Infrared or IRC conduct above 3 microns. Their temperature range is much lower in comparison to the above mentioned and usually is around 100°C. They emit no red light whatsoever but are absorbed the most by human blood and cells. They have the most meaningful wavelength for the animal skin (including human) despite being the least transmissive.

Far Infrared heating is used in domestic, commercial and public heating appliances, as well as in saunas nowadays and has no bad influence for the human body. Yandiya’s panel heaters use exactly these long infrared waves.

So if the so-called “comfort” heating is what you are looking for – you should search it in appliances using FAR infrared waves.

What Are The Other Benefits We Mentioned?


We all know that Infrared heating is cheaper in the long run if we compare it to other types of heating. This is the main asset that is proclaimed everywhere, but in our case is not the most important. Let us see what the other benefits, coming from Infrared heating, are:

They Are 100% Natural

Far Infrared Heaters produce a 100% natural and safe form of heat that adds nothing bad to the air in our home. This is an eco-friendly form of heating and this fact is very important for all people who care about and want to save our planet. Yandiya’s panels are made from 100% recyclable materials and produce no CO2 emissions. In short this means that with them we accomplish full natural energy conversion.

They Are Energy Efficient

Far Infrared heaters do not waste energy in heating the air but directly heat the nearest objects. They are 100% energy efficient and we don’t pay for anything additional. Once they are stopped – we don’t pay anything. Using Far Infrared Heaters may reduce our heating bill with 65% and in the meantime lowers the amount of carbon traces in our home!


Not only it is safe for us and our children but Far Infrared heaters are even good for our health. It has been proven that these types of infrared rays help patients with bronchial/breathing conditions and ease their troubles.

Infrared heaters do not move dust particles in the air and thus reduce the transportation of diseases and other molecules that are bad for our health. They also ease the effects and transportation of allergies.

They Require Less Space and Effort For Installation

Far infrared heaters are not bulky and are perfect for small space-efficient places. You won’t have to move your furniture or re-arrange the room they belong to. They are easy to install as no pipes have to be added or modified.

The most that you’ll need is an electrician if you need to add it directly to your electricity stream.

They Are Modern and Convenient

Yandiya’s FAR Infrared heaters comply with all necessary Australian standards and laws so you can be sure that everything advertised is accurate.

Far Infrared heaters have no moving parts and are less likely to brake, meaning that the need to service them is very rare. They basically require little to no maintenance except cleaning the panel one in a while.

If you have a Far Infrared Heater for every room in your house, you won’t have to go to each panel and set every single thermostat. They can be controlled smartly even by an app in your phone – all at once!

The Verdict

In this blog post we covered valuable information and it can serve as a guide in Infrared heating appliances. Now you should at least know which types of Infrared rays are good for the human body and which ones you should avoid.

You probably heard that using Infrared Heaters in your home is proven to save some money but there are many other benefits from it! They are good for our bodies and ease some bad medical conditions. In the same time they are eco-friendly and emit no bad emissions. They are easy to install and maintained in good condition and can be a great addition to your living room’s design.

If someone is still wondering should he choose infrared heating this blog post full of pure facts should help him in making the right decision. Far Infrared heating is the future – just contact Yandiya Australia and see for yourself!

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