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How To Winter Proof Your Outdoor Setting


If you are an outdoor person, winter is probably not your favorite season. As outdoor persons, we need to breathe fresh air and this doesn’t always mean to take long walks in the cold conditions but just making use of the gardens and terraces of our homes, if any. Why should we forget about our outdoor spaces for one-fourth of the year?

It is said that we should stay more at home where the warm air and tea is, but if you have an outdoor space you most probably want to utilize it during the winter as well. So how to use your beautiful garden when you can almost smell the incoming snow?

We live in modern times when it is possible to warm up even an open space, and we should embrace this idea. We are here to help you on this adventure with our “How to Winter-proof your Outdoor Setting” blog post. Review our ideas and take the ones that suit you the best!

1. Add a Cover to the Space

Adding a shelter of some kind or sunroof will definitely ease any wind conditions; prevent falling of snow or heavy rain. Don’t expose your garden to the harsh winter conditions directly.

As a matter of fact, a sunroof will work both during the winter and during the hottest of summer days. Adding a canopy will be the most stylish cover you can use.

If you already have a cover but are still not satisfied with it, you probably live in harder winter conditions and should think about blocking the sides as well. This is possible via a simple transparent screen or a rolling blind.

2. Buy an Adequate Heater

As we said in the introduction, we live in modern times when we can heat even open spaces. This is possible via the miracle of Infrared heating because it doesn’t warm the air in a room but directly the objects. This means that if it is situated close to the table you can still be in your garden and also feel warm.

Infrared heating has some important benefits that shouldn’t be neglected. Probably the most important is that infrared waves are an absolutely natural and safe form of heating. They produce a 100% natural energy conversion, no C02 emissions and also reduce your home’s carbon footprint by lower energy consumption.

The modern infrared heaters are eco-friendly, super cost effective and can save up to 65% of your heating bill. In addition to their outside usage, they don’t need any time to boot up – they start to produce heat immediately after they are turned on, so once you are outside you don’t have to wait a long cold period until it starts to work.

If we take into consideration Yandiya Australia’s heaters other benefits include the fact that they are made from 100% recyclable materials, are developed to comply with Australian standards and need no servicing or maintenance. They are easy to install and have very useful timer functions. 

The perfect heater for an outdoor space is the Blade Infrared Bar Heater from Yandiya. Its power is 1800WATT and can heat up a 26.9 Sq m area.  Furthermore, all their products have a huge discount at the moment and if you’ve been thinking to upgrade to infrared heating for a while now-now is the perfect moment!

3. Add Something Cozy to Your Exterior Space

When we say adding something cozy we literary mean to buy a rug and place it under your table. You can always throw some blankets just in case some of your guests want to use them in your outdoor space.

Another option is to think outside of the box. Sometimes feeling warm is not only connected to the physical being of our body. Every now and then we can feel warm just by our visual sense. For example, adding some candles will not produce a lot of heat but we will immediately feel more comfortable. That way we trick our brain into disregarding the temperature to some extent.

As you can see we don’t have to close our gardens and balconies when winter comes. There are some very practical approaches to still use all our outdoor spaces even during the cold months. This is why we wrote our How to Winter-proof your Outdoor Setting guide.

We don’t like to be closed in a room all winter and if so are you – check our advices and take whatever you like from them. It never hurts to try, especially when trying good advices!

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