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How to Use Infrared Heating as Primary Heating?

I Want to Keep Every Corner Of My Home Warm Using Infrared Heaters. Is it Possible?

Efficient HeatingFor Entire House

Yes, without a doubt! Infrared heaters are known to be very good for zone heating but if organized and situated smart they can work efficiently for the whole house and still be economic. After all…this is one of their biggest benefits. You still receive pure eco-friendly heat that produces no CO2 emissions and is absolutely safe for your children, just with a couple of standalone heating bodies.

It is important to know that no matter how many Infrared heaters you have in your home, with a smart thermostat they can be controlled with a single application on your Smartphone. So if the temperature drops during the night you don’t even have to get up from bed – you can increase the temperature in every room by a single swipe on the screen. Easy as that! 

We at Yandiya Australia can offer Infrared heaters of various power capacities and designs that can warm every room in your house, despite its size or shape. In order to stay electricity-economic we shouldn’t use excessive power and should pick the correct body and power for every specific room or space. In this blog we are going to recommend an Infrared Heater for every type of room and show that heating your home with Infrared rays is more than acceptable. 

Living Room

The WALL MOUNTED ALUMINIUM WHITE PANEL HEATER 350WATT is very suitable for the living room as it will not mess up your room design and organization. If you’re more into the minimalistic style the white panel (in the link above) will serve you just right, but if not, there are various printed out options that can add a bit of liveliness to any living room.

If you have a long living room and 350WATT is not enough, since its maximum heating coverage is 6.73 Sq m, you can easily combine two bodies in the two ends of the room…or even more. Of course, they will be controlled from one single source. The infrared heater will produce a pleasant form of heat that feels very nice during a family dinner or while watching your favorite movie or sports game. 


The bedroom is very important as it is the place where the magic is happening. So we will need a bit more heating power to keep us warm when all the clothes are gone. The WALL MOUNTED ALUMINIUM WHITE PANEL HEATER of 500WATT  with maximum heating coverage of 9.16 Sq m will be perfect in this case. After all, we don’t want the magic to disappear because we’re cold or something. The same applies if we’re talking about a nursery – nobody wants their kids to be cold and get sick, right?

Infrared heaters are perfect for rooms where people sleep because there are no moving mechanisms thus no noise is produced. The infrared heater can work all night and you’ll have uninterrupted sleep. Another benefit is that Infrared rays threat any mold problems and we won’t breathe this bad air during our sleep.


When we talk about heating in the bathroom there is only one correct answer, and it is the WALL MOUNTED SINGLE ROUND MIRROR 500WATT. No other heater regardless of type and heating method will bring more grace and comfort in your bathroom than Yandiya’s Mirror Infrared heater. With a maximum heating coverage of 8.33 Sq m, this 500WATT heater is more than enough to keep you warm even after just going out of the shower on a cold winter day.

This stylish infrared mirror-heater will also work towards keeping your walls dry and will reduce any mold problems you may have in your bathroom.

Larger Area of Home

If you have any other big space in your house that you want to warm up the BLADE INFRARED BAR HEATER off 1800 WATT will be just the thing to fix this issue. Its huge power is enough to heat an area of 26.90 Sq m. You’ve probably been at an outdoor bar and felt how powerful these types of heaters can be. You can even warm up your garden with it! Infrared heaters do not heat the air and can be used in an outdoor space as well. It is a perfect addition to that big party that you’ve always planned on hosting.

At the moment Yandiya Australia offers some heaters with a 50% discount because they lack power plug, but this is an offer that shouldn’t be refused. 

Portable Solutions

The last Infrared Heating Body that you might need is an additional one that could be used in every available space in your house. If you want additional heating that can be moved around the FREE STANDING CURVED PANEL HEATER 400WATT will give you exactly what you need for a 6.67 Sq m area.

If you just need something extra while you cuddle with your loved one or need to be a bit cozier while reading your favorite book Yandiya’s Curved panel Heater will bring that missing part for your full comfort. 

So What is the Outcome?

I think we can conclude that Infrared Heaters can substitute convection heating without a problem and will even bring some benefits that are missing from burning wood or gas. The biggest assets are the ones connected to our health and they are incomparable. Every Infrared Heater from the list above produces absolutely natural and safe form of heat with a 100% natural energy conversion. It basically doesn’t produce any CO2 emissions and helps our breathing.

Infrared heaters reduce your home’s carbon traces via low energy consumption…which leads us to the second big benefit – the fact that all heaters from the list above are 100% efficient and economical. Using them will save up to 65% of your heating bill. They require no maintenance and servicing, and are very easy to install. All of them are made from recyclable materials and comply will all Australian standards and conditions. So visit Yandiya Australia’s website and check their offers because probably the thing you need the most has a discount at this exact moment!

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