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How to Save Money with Energy - Efficient Infrared Heaters?

How to Save Money with Energy - Efficient Infrared Heaters?

What are the Financial Perks When Using an Infrared Heater?

The energy-efficient aspect for household appliances shouldn’t be disparaged - it’s been popular over the globe for the last fifteen years and Australia is no exception. We could be sure that the energy-efficient factor will increase its popularity and importance in the future. Why wait more to improve it, when we can act?

Infrared Heaters are a safe, healthy and efficient way to save money while still keeping your home warm. They are suitable for various spaces and cases, and in this blog post we are going to share the main benefits that make our lives better and our expenses less.

1. Infrared Heaters Do Not Lose Energy

All infrared heaters utilize 100 percent of the heat they produce, meaning that no energy is lost during the heat transfer. This is due to the fact that Infrared heaters produce zone heating. They do not spend energy in heating the air in the room, but directly heat the objects to which they are aimed at. The approach how Infrared Heaters radiate the object in front of them is similar to the way how the sunlight radiates the earth. On a practical note, this means that all the money that is spent on the infrared heater is directly transferred into warmth.

2. Portable Infrared Heaters in Combination with Central Heating

It is very common to use a portable Infrared Heater when needed, instead of the central heating. For example, if your family is planning a family dinner in a single room you don’t need to warm up the whole house. Turn the central thermostat as lower as possible and get your portable Infrared Heater to warm up only the area where you are sitting. You will be surprised how much your energy bill will be affected by this simple maneuver as FAR Infrared Heaters may cost just 12-14 cents per hour to run.

3. Maximum Heating Coverage Information

All Infrared Heaters include their maximum heating coverage capabilities in their technical specification. With this information, every consumer can determine how much power they need for a specific room. For example, if the consumer’s bedroom is 9 Sq m then Yandiya’s Aluminium White Panel Heater of 500 watt will be enough to heat up all the objects in the room if placed in the right place. If you need to heat up a living room that is 13 Sq m you’ll need an 800 watt Yandiya Infrared Panel Heater for example.

4.Additional Cost-Saving Benefits

There are some other benefits that will eventually save you some money. For example Infrared Heaters require no regular maintenance that would cost money. As there are no moving parts FAR Infrared Heaters are less likely to break down and the only ‘necessary’ maintenance is just cleaning the panel from time to time.

Smart thermostats are getting more and more available and ease up the heater’s control a lot. If you suddenly realize that you forgot to turn off the heater on your way to work – just pull up you smartphone and turn the thermostat off by a simple click in the particular application.

If you planned to reduce your energy bills for the last couple of years now it’s about time to do it! Infrared Heaters from Yandiya might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Infrared Heaters do not waste any energy on heating the surrounding air but warm the objects directly - therefore cut your heating bill substantially. Calculate the area that needs to be heated and check Yandiya’s offers at their website. Be a clever consumer – stay warm at a lower price!   

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