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Far Infrared Heaters - A Perfect Solution To Beat The Winter 2019 Chills At Low Energy Consumption

FAR Infrared Heaters

Winter in Australia

Australia is often seen as paradise on earth when it comes to its nature, the weather conditions and overall climate. Clear blue skies, golden beaches, wild ocean water, and nice breezes. It does sound perfect and nobody would turn down an offer to travel to Australia. This is the scenery that we imagine when we hear about the weather conditions in Australia but the fact is that the country has its four seasons that vary very much so.

We need to mention that seasons in Australia are in contrast to the ones in the northern hemisphere. For example for most of the country, summer is between December and February and winter is between June to August. So believe it or not – winter does exist in Australia!

Australian winter is still very warm in comparison to the winter in the northern hemisphere. Temperatures do drop, but minus ones are pretty rare and this is snow. However, some mountainous regions like Victoria’s Alpine Region or the Snowy Mountains do have snowfall. Some nights during the winter season do get really cold and you will need warm clothes and a heater to feel comfortable during them…and since cold days and nights might come unexpected and not last long you need a proper heating solution. In our opinion, the perfect solution to beat the winter chills at low energy consumption levels is a FAR Infrared Heater. 

Power Consumption by Conventional Heaters

Heating an apartment or house via conventional heaters is known as not so money-saving and takes one-third of our whole electricity bill. In order to understand the typical power consumption by conventional heaters, we need to start from a distance. The overall numbers state that the average household uses from 5.000 kWh to 30.000 kWh energy for heating per year.

A convection gas heater will cost you a $0.53 per hour, which means that if it’s on for 3 hours a day for approximately 3 months of winter your winter running cost will be around $144. A single electric portable fan heater will cost around $0.60 per hour so if we apply the same “winter formula” the running cost will be around $162.

An oil heater is a rather money saving option in comparison to conventional electric heaters. The majority of oil heaters works on 1.500 watts and has lower settings of 700/800 watts as well. This means that you get charged approximately $0.22 for an hour at the maximum power and $0.14 at the minimum. The numbers are the same for a ceramic resistive type heater which has the same power settings. As we see different options do exist but we have a preferred heating method that is here for a reason.

How Infrared Heaters Can Help you Keep Home Warm and Reduce Energy Bills

Infrared heaters are gaining popularity as money-saving, energy-efficient appliances that suit many needs. In addition, they produce heating in a natural form that is not wasted on the air and is even beneficial for the human body.   

It is a fact that infrared heaters need considerably lower amounts of energy compared to other heating alternatives. We might say that using an infrared heater can save from 20% to 50% of the bill that was used to “warm the air”. The smart control function of these heaters is something important as the thermostat will automatically stop the heater when the needed temperature has been reached.

Infrared heaters are not made to heat up a whole house of 4 bedrooms let’s say. They come in handy when people apply a ‘zone heating’ strategy. For example, if you have guests and everyone is staying in the same room for the whole evening we don’t need the whole house to be warm. We only need the living or dining room being with a pleasant temperature. This is where a portable infrared heater comes to save the day. Using this technique regularly can save you tons of money in the long run because this portable infrared heater can cost around 12-14 cents/an hour to run. People state that they save around $1.000 annually by using their infrared heating solutions. 

We need to point out that proper insulation is needed to reach the numbers quoted above. Decreasing energy usage and bills with every type of heater is heavily dependent on the type of insulation and windows as well. We don’t want the warmth to go to waste, right?

The Proper Solution

The globally open market offers a wide selection of solutions for every domestic problem that occurs. Keeping our homes warm is responsible for a big amount of our electricity bill and many people are searching for cheaper alternatives. For this reason, we have a huge gamma of heating methods that could ease our money problems and FAR Infrared Heaters are the best solution we could find for the moment.

FAR Infrared Heaters provide a completely natural and safe form of heating that will even reduce our electricity bill. If used clever you can save up to 65% of your heating bill. Contact Yandiya Australia and choose between a wide selection of products. Infrared Heating is the perfect method to keep your house warm during the winter in Australia!

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  • Interesting Blog. I was under an impression that FIR Heaters are not good for skin. On the contrary, they offer health benefits. Good to know.

    Jay Banks

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