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Heating Technology That Will Change your Priorities

Heating Technology That Will Change your Priorities

Be modern in your daily heating needs

In the present-day world, there are innovations coming out every day. These innovations may vary in-between the whole spectrum of our daily routine. Being the fussy humans that we are, we always want our body temperature to be just right and to feel pleasant.

Because of that, a reasonable amount of these new innovations are tailored to meet our temperature related needs. This is a huge market where there are solutions to fit every lifestyle and budget - from pocket change to investment money. Here are some of the best tech gadgets to make your living space a nice and pleasant environment. 

1.Traditional-style Heaters

For around $200 dollars you can get your hands on an oil or ceramic heater. This is one of the more affordable options you can have. A good thing to know is that a ceramic heater heats up quite a lot faster than its oil compatriot.

This way you can get your desired temperature much faster. But because of the faster heating, it also uses a lot more energy than the oil one. Because this is quite an old technology it heats up the air in the room, making it less useful compared to the other options on this list. If you still like this old-school option but like a bit more pep you can go for the propane heater.

Those types of heaters tend to be more expensive but if you plan to use it a lot this is the option to take as throughout the years the propane heater will come out as the far cheaper option compared to the convection one.

2.Year-round Options for both Heating and Cooling Down

This is a more high-tech option if you want to keep with the times. The positive thing here is that it can keep a room warm in the winter as well as keeping it cool during the summer.

This construct is basically a ceramic plate that runs around a ring. Around this ring flows the air heating up the room to the temperature you desire. One of these will set you back around $700.

3. Heated jackets

If you are the sort of person who likes to spend his time outdoors this is probably the option for you. This strange piece of clothing which seems like it is from the future lets you control the temperature through a small light-up display on the front.

There are three heating pads inside the jacket that are powered by a power tool battery that stays in the back. This piece of tech would be pretty strange to use at home and this is why it is tailored more for outdoor use.

4. Infrared heating

FAR Infrared Heating is another modern heating technology that definitely deserves your attention as it is more energy efficient than any of the other trendy methods we listed above.

FIR is a completely natural and safe form of heat that resembles the way how the sun heats our skin on the beach. Infrared heaters heat the matter in a room and not the air which makes them far more efficient and fast in comparison to other convection heaters.

With FIR you will never again have to turn the appliance on hours before you enter a room – which will eventually save you tons of money. With infrared heating you get a 100% energy conversion that can reduce your electric bill by 60%.

FAR infrared heating emits no CO2 or other bad gases and does not add humidity or bacteria to the air. If you have mould problems, infrared heating will actually help you, as it dries out the air and walls and will reduce the moulding impact.

Infrared panels can be a stylish add-on to your interior design and are suitable for all types of rooms. They are made entirely from eco materials and are designed to comply with all the necessary Australian norms and regulations.  

At the moment Yandiya Australia is having a huge price discount on their infrared panels so if you are considering to switch to FIR – now is the best time to do so!

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