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Health Benefits of FAR Infrared Heating

Health Benefits of FAR Infrared Heating

What is so Good About FAR Infrared Heaters?

We live in wonderful times. Along with all the technological advancement that we see daily there is another tendency that is far more important – the aspiration for a better, easier and the most important - healthier life. Nowadays the public will not embrace any high tech device that is harmful to our bodies or planet. We are more careful with the things we eat and drink, wear and use in our daily routines. Luckily, this tendency has merged with ordinary household appliances as well. In concrete, we are talking about modern heating appliances and specifically the already popular FAR Infrared Heaters.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the main benefits of FAR Infrared Heating, which are affecting both our health, heating bills and time. We believe in the advancement that this method is bringing and want to share this information to as many people as possible.

Good for Our Planet and Health

As a beginning, we need to prevent the misconception that infrared heating is something artificial that harms us. This is not only not true but in fact, totally opposes the truth. FAR Infrared Heating is an absolutely natural and safe form of heat. It works in the same way as if the sunlight warms our skin.

Infrared heating does not produce any CO2 or other bad emissions whatsoever, in contrast to other popular heating methods. FIR creates no emissions of bad fumes that slowly harm our lungs as when using gas heaters or burning wood. Infrared heating reduces your home’s carbon footprint via lower energy consumption in comparison to other electricity-powered heaters.

Far Infrared Heating does not heat the air in a room but directly the matter in it. This means that no bacteria is transferred within the movement of air. This type of heating is very suitable for people with harsh lung conditions, as it does not add any humidity to the air. If your home suffers from a mould problem FIR is the best choice of heating as it actually dries out the walls and will eventually reduce the size of your mould area.

In addition, most Infrared Heaters are made from 100% recyclable materials. We do not approve the extensive usage of plastic and this is definitely a plus when we are talking about saving our planet. 

Good for our wallet

FAR Infrared Heating is a cheaper heating method in the long run as it doesn’t heat the air in a room but directly the objects in front of the panel. You do not have to turn it on and wait hours until you feel comfortably warm and you can simply turn it off when you are not in the room. This is the essence of Infrared Heating – using it in zones. Why heating your whole house on a lazy Sunday evening when all your family is watching a movie in the living room? Turn all other rooms’ infrared panels off and use only the one where you are. After the movie is finished, you can simply switch on the bedroom heater and go to sleep. Infrared heating can save up to 65% on your heating bill.

FIR creates a 100% natural energy conversion as all the electricity that is used is transformed into heat. This means that no energy and thus money is lost while using FAR infrared heating.

Very Convenient

As Infrared heating represents the modern way for a certain everyday need, it should make our lives easier – and it does. FAR Infrared Heaters require no maintenance or servicing which will also save tons of money in comparison to other heating methods. As it has no moving parts, it is less likely to break and go out of order. Infrared panels are very easy to install and no professional service is needed to set it up. Just follow the instructions.

FAR Infrared Heaters can be operated with timers to be switched off when you should be already asleep for example. They can also be managed remotely via smart apps on your phone. That way you will never again forget to turn it ON or OFF. 

If FAR Infrared Heating sounds tempting after reading our facts, you should check Yandiya Australia’s website as they have huge discounts at the moment. Buying an infrared heater will introduce a healthier and more energy-efficient way of keeping your home warm that you will never regret. Switching to infrared heating was never easier and cheaper with Yandiya’s offers. You can be sure of the high quality of their products as all their infrared panels are developed to comply with all the necessary Australian standards. Turn to the modern methods even for your everyday necessities and you will make your life much healthier, cheaper and easier!

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