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8 Stylish Ways to Warm Up the Home for Winter

Stylish Ways to Warm Up the Home for Winter

Add Some Extra Coziness to Your Home with Our 8 Modern Ideas

Preparing for the winter is always a bothersome task. We need to change the tires of our cars and put anti-freezing liquid. We need to get ready for the cold temperatures with warm clothes, hats and gloves. Some of us discard the appearance factor because we care only about being warm and not how do we look – quite normal if you ask us.

If you are a homeowner you know quite well that the house also needs some winter preparations. It needs to be prepared for heavy rains, snow and below zero temperatures but since we spend so much time at home during this season why can’t we at least do all those preparations with style? There is no need to abandon all interior design habits just to keep a room warm and in this blog post we are going to present how exactly you can combine both of these factors. Check our 8 stylish ways to warm up the home for winter and take the best out of them.

We know that our first priority is to stay warm during these months but we don’t have to sacrifice any aesthetic thoughts. Combine being warm with some creative ideas for a 100 % coziness during the winter.

1. Use Artificial Fur

We must mention that we are against the usage of animal fur but don’t mind some faux fur elements in our homes. If you share our stance - be sure that an artificial fur throw or cushion will boost the coziness of your bedroom or living room.

When the right type of fur is used at the right spot the effect is really fancy but be aware that if you don’t have that interior design thought you can create a design monster. Read some articles on the matter and try out different things. Eventually you will get it right.

2. Use an Aesthetic Heater

The good thing about modern house appliances is that they come in different styles to suit your home. The household heater is probably the most valuable and used electric device during the winter so you should include it in the whole ‘aesthetic ensemble’. Nowadays you can search for a product that is both powerful and effective but also pleasant to look at.

Our advice for this topic is to research the variety of offered infrared heaters. Infrared heaters are powerful, cost-effective and with a modernistic design that will fit every cotemporary home. In addition they are eco-friendly, produce no CO2 emissions and are quiet. If you want to adopt zone heating investing in infrared panels is the best thing that you could do. Just browse through Yandiya Australia’s offers and find the panel that suits your style.

3.Re-arrange the Fireplace Area

The winter season is the time when we sometimes stare at the fireplace for hours. The fire is very nice to watch but why not make the surroundings pleasant to look at as well?

Replace the old accessories and art elements with new “winter” ones. Redecorate your paintings and photographs and create a fresh new look for the fireplace area. Make it your “art” space and everybody will gaze at this corner.

4. Stock on Firewood

While we are on the fireplace topic – there is no better accessory for it than a pile of wood. Of course, we don’t mean just some pieces of wood thrown close to the fireplace but an arranged pile of timber that would look aesthetically fine.

Keeping a neat stock of wood will add that ‘mountain’ feel to your living room and will probably remind you of lighting up the fireplace every evening.

5. Warm up the Kitchen

In this idea we don’t use ‘warm’ literary but rather figuratively. For example, there is no better comforting factor for your kitchen than a freshly baked bread or pie. Even the smell makes you feel warmer already.

We especially adore Christmas time due to its cooking traditions. That freshly baked smell just gives us those wonderful Christmas chills.

6. Put a Winter Carpet

If you don’t have a carpet in your living room you could lay down one during the winter at least. A small carpet or a plush rug can do wonders for your bedroom.

We use this summer-winter carpet movement and are very happy with the result. Once you feel that carpeting under your bare feet you know that winter is coming and so are the Christmas presents. 

7. Invest in a Stylish Fireplace Chair

What is the most typical winter image of them all? If you do own a fireplace then sitting close to it should be your first thought. A nice book and a glass of wine or hot coco should definitely be included as well.

So if you lack your comfy ‘fireplace chair’ it is about time to purchase one. Trust us – it is the most essential thing for those winter evenings!

8. Remove or Replace Everything Flawed or Outdated

There is no need to display something that clearly had better days. Place such belongings in a cabinet or closet and exhibit some valuable possessions. If you’re not an accessories person you can always buy a new towel of new sheets – they will come in handy someday and will look great in your bathroom or next to the washing machine.

Winter preparations are boring – we know. We have to put on tons of clothes in order to stay warm; we have to prepare our vehicles for the snowy roads and our house to endure the rage of weather. If you are a house owner you probably know how complicated the third option can be. We need to plan in advance, it takes a lot of money and the result is effective but not appealing. Why can’t I get that winter charm into my home, you might say? Well…with our help, you can!

Follow our 8 stylish ways to warm up your home for winter and feel like in a Christmas motion picture. Our advices do not require a huge budget but in the meantime will transform your home into a lovely winter scene. Of course, not every idea will work perfectly in every home but we are giving you the right directions. Thrust us and unleash your creativity. Add that extra coziness to your home and start wrapping those Christmas presents! 

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