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5 Important Things to Know Before Buying a Heater

Important Things to Know Before Buying a Heater

Check our List and Your Decision – Making Process will be Much Easier

When the winter season kicks off all families start to consider their heating needs. Sometimes the chilly days come faster than expected and a heating appliance is bought at an extreme and inefficient manner. Of course, this solution is only temporary and the problem arises again every winter. Why not take care of this problem once and for all? 

With the wide variety of options available, selecting the right heating method for your needs might be a harder job than expected. For this reason, we are going to help you with our list of 5 things to know before buying a heater. We're sharing our insights on the market, the surroundings and the most popular problems that occur from a certain decision. In general - take our list into consideration and you'll be much closer to the right choice.  

The Cheapest Option Is Often the Most Expensive In the Long Run

When it comes to buying a heater the cheapest option on the market might often come out as the most expensive one. If we exclude the brand factor, every consumer has to calculate the needed power in accordance with the room dimensions. You don't need to buy a super powerful heater if you need to warm up a small room. For example, if your targeted room is 5-6 Sq m you won't need a 1000 watt heater - a 350 watt Infrared panel heater will be more than enough.

Health Matters

If you're looking for the most eco-friendly type of heating, then FAR Infrared Heating is the solution for you. Infrared Heating is a completely natural and safe form of heat that produces 100 percent natural energy conversion. The body is made for recyclable materials and actually reduces your house's carbon footprint by lowering your energy consumption.

In addition to the facts above, FAR Infrared Heaters help people with breathing conditions by not moving air particles in the room. Humidity problems are also tackled, as infrared heaters actually dry the air in the room.

The Advantages of Zone Heating

The zone heating ability is actually the biggest advantage of Infrared Heating in comparison to GAS or other ‘big’ heaters. You can always use a portable panel heater when your family is gathering in one room and doesn't need to keep the whole house warm. Lower or even turn off the main heating and just place your trusty free standing Infrared Heater to keep your loved ones warm during the chilly winter evenings.

Thermostat- Ready

Always search for an advanced thermostat with a timer (at least). You don't have to babysit your heater in order to save money. Just set the timer to one hour before you come back after a whole day of work.

Smart thermostats are even better - and fortunately, they are getting more popular with time. With them, you can control your heating remotely. With a smart thermostat, even if you forget to set the timer you can just pick up your Smartphone and turn it ON on the way back home. 

Think about Consumables and Maintenance

Different heating alternatives need different consumables and maintenance. If you are using a fireplace, you’ll need to gather a great amount of wood before winter starts. The good thing about infrared heaters is that they require no maintenance of consumables. They run on electricity, have no moving parts and in comparison to other electric heaters are less possible to break. 

If you finally decided to buy a new heater for your home then our list of 5 things to know before buying a heater should be pure gold for you. We’ve tackled some important heating aspects and think that we will ease the process of choosing substantially. What our advice is - follow our list and your decision – making process will be much easier. If you think to switch to Infrared Heating do check Yandiya Australia’s website as they have some great offers at the moment.

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