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10 Things That We Should Do To Prepare Our Homes For The Winter 2019

10 Things that we should do to Prepare Our Homes for the Winter Season

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming withThe Ultimate Pre-Winter Checklist

When the winter season approaches, we all start to panic about the upcoming chilly days. Sometimes winter can be truly harsh as temperatures may drop substantially, but let’s face it – winter surprises only the ones that are not prepared.

In order to help everyone in need, we’ve gathered a very useful list of 10 things that we should do to prepare our homes for the winter season. Use our checklist to avoid any bad surprises during the winter season. Be prepared and play it ‘cool’ during the winter!  

1. Apply Thermal Insulation

Keeping a house warm is not only about the power of the heater. Keeping your house and rooms sealed is as much important as warming them.

If your walls do not have thermal insulation within them, you will be astonished how much of a difference installing insulation will introduce to both the temperature of the room and your energy bills. 

2. Fix Your Windows

If you come across some holes in the windows or gaps between the window and frame, you need to fix them right away.

Apply exterior caulk in the gaps to keep the warm air inside of the house. As plan B you could always use some window-glazing putty, as it should also do the trick. 

3. Check the Roof

If your roof needs fixing it is a good idea to complete everything necessary before the first winter wave hits in. Believe us - you do not want to fix a slippery roof or worse – with a thin layer of snow.

Check your roof, while the weather is still fine, as when the first drop of water hits your forehead it will be already too late.  

4. Buy a New Heater If the Old One Is Just Begging To Be Retired

Winter and Christmas walk hand by hand – we couldn’t imagine one without the other. During Christmas we have the chance to give presents to our loved ones and to ourselves. The funny thing is that we think about more ‘grand’ and tech presents like TVs, game consoles, computers or phones and we forget for the appliances in our house that we really need to upgrade. So in this paragraph we want to remind you – this year your presents can be more practical!

It is normal that we forget about our heating needs during the hot summer days, but let’s try to leave that last winter memory when our old heater barely managed to warm up the place in the past. Think in advance and upgrade you heating appliances before the winter season. You might even get a bargain at the right time! 

5. Change your Heating Method if you’re not satisfied With Your Current one

In addition to the previous step, upgrading the appliance is sometimes not enough. Sometimes you are fed up of the whole heating method that you had to cope with during all these years. Think about the future, about the health and comfort of your family and change the whole system if needed.

It seems that at the moment the trendiest heating solution is buying an Infrared Heater. They produce no CO2 emissions, do not make the air more humid, they are quiet and do not need regular maintenance. As they are energy-efficient you’ll need a 350 watt infrared panel to warm up a 6.70 Sq. m. room.

6. Check your Thermostats

Your thermostat is the key to a warm home during the winter. You need to check if they work as intended and fix any problems that might occur. When the first chilly days arrive, your thermostats need to be fully operational. Check their batteries and replace them if needed. 

7. Clean Gutters and Drains

Cleaning the gutters and drains is an important action if you want to prevent water-in-the-basement situations. You just need a ladder and a couple of free hours. If you don’t have them it is better to hire someone to do this job, than skipping it.

Remove all the leaves and sticks until the water path is completely clean. Cleaning the drains and inspecting for any loose shingles is also very important and should not be forgotten. 

8. Take Care of the Backyard

If you have a big green backyard then probably, you also use a couple of hoses for watering purposes. Be sure to close all outdoor faucets as we don’t want any frozen pipes. Put away all the outdoor gear that was staying outside for the summer. 

9. Rotate Your Ceiling Fans

If you are still warming up the air in the room and haven’t switched to the above-mentioned Infrared Heating then you can at least help in keeping the warm air moving to the ground than staying up at the ceiling.

In order to do that your ceiling fan should rotate in a clockwise direction. When moving at a low speed the fan pulls the cool air up. This, on the other hand, pushes the warm air down to the ground. 

10. Try To Cut Your Heating Bill

We all try to fit in tight budgets during the Christmas season as we want to buy the best presents available. Cutting our heating costs is available by witching to Infrared Heaters and applying them in specific zones. As we said before they are energy-efficient and you’ll be surprised what difference you’ll see in your bill at the end of the season. For example, if you want to warm up a 9 Sq. m. room a 500 watt Infrared Panel will do a perfect job. 

Winter season may be annoying for some of us but in the end, we all have to go through it every year. As the popular quote states – “Brace yourselves, winter is coming”. Do not let the winter chills surprise you – use our list of 10 things to do now to prepare your home for the winter season. As seen above, we have included some typical household actions, valuable recommendations, and reminders so you and your family are fully prepared for any harsh conditions. It is always better to have a list when there are so many things to consider because we just have tick the actions we already made. After all – nothing can ruin the Christmas season if we are well prepared!

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